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If you’re hungry, Kyoto is ready to serve. Try everything from quick, casual bites to gorgeously plated courses: slurp down ramen coated with a rich sake broth, dig into the hearty flavours of obanzai home cooking, or linger over a kaiseki feast.

Shimaya Stays can arrange for fully guided tours introducing some of the city’s culinary best as well as the processes that go into creating great meals.

Learn how to tell the different types of sake apart and the secrets of pairing Japanese rice wine with a range of flavours. Embark on your own plating adventures – unearth ceramics and lacquerware at flea markets and antique shops. Find out what it takes to be a wagashi maker as you try your hand at turning out traditional Japanese confectionery.

An interpreter will be on hand to help you get to know chefs, shop owners and craftsmen.

Come to Kyoto for the food but go home remembering the people behind it.


There’s something to enjoy in every season. Available from May through September, dining on a platform built over a river is one of the pleasures unique to a Kyoto summer.


One tour option: a day trip to Kayabuki no Sato, a village of thatched roof houses in the Miyama region of Kyoto prefecture. Enjoy the freshness of food at its source – Miyama produces its own rice, soba, vegetables, eggs and poultry, as well as sausages and milk. Don’t leave without trying the gelato.


Have lunch at a traditional farmhouse where atmosphere whets the appetite.


A box of treasure at Mitsuyasu. Take the lid off Kyoto dining with Shimaya Stays.



Booking a Tour

Maximum tour capacity: 6 guests, starting from 2 guests. Groups are kept small to create more relaxed interactions with chefs and craftsmen.

Length: 1 to 4 days. A Kyoto, Oishii! programme can be paired with a customised itinerary put together by Shimaya Stays’ eConcierge for self-guided touring for the rest of your stay with us.

Dates: Kyoto, Oishii! tours can be organised on request throughout the year with the exception of these periods: mid-March through April, mid-October through November, and mid-December to mid-January.

Tour charges: A flat fee will cover accommodation, restaurant charges (not inclusive of drinks during meals), workshop fees, taxis as well as the services of a guide and interpreter. The fee varies according to the length of tour, programme and number of participants. To find out more, please contact us at

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