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Music, dance and magic

Experience the traditional performing arts of Japan in the privacy of a Kyoto machiya.

Guests will sit down to a short performance, followed by a workshop where experts will guide them in creating a mini-show. Participants will not only learn about the myths and folklore of Japan but also explore the use of musical instruments, masks and other props.

A unique experience created for Shimaya guests, this is highly recommended for families travelling with children or anyone interested in the roots of Japanese culture.


A Noh performer at the Komatsu South machiya.


Workshop participants get to choose from an array of props amassed from around the world.


A young guest tries a mask representing the god of thunder on his mother.

Booking a workshop

Rooftop space of Komatsu South machiya

Max Capacity:
5 people

Time Required:
60-90 minutes, depending on the age of the participants. Arrangements can also be made for guests who prefer a longer performance to a workshop.

Comfortable for movement

Please note that the performance and workshop may have to be moved indoors or called off depending on the weather.

To book, e-mail:

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