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Getting to Komatsu South by taxi

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

If travelling to Komatsu South from Kyoto Station by cab

Show the following line to the taxi driver: 「東大路松原上る一筋目西入ル、京都銀行東山支店の角を西に入ってください。」

This will direct the driver to take you to the doorstep of Komatsu South. Address: 11-29 Komatsucho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 京都市東山区小松町11-29

If the driver does not understand the directions above, show him this instead: 「東大路松原上る、京都銀行東山支店の前で降ろしてください。」

This will take you to the Higashiyama branch of the Bank of Kyoto (located about 2 minutes on foot from Komatsu South). Look for the sign that says 京都銀行 (Bank of Kyoto).

Head towards the京都銀行sign and turn into the first lane on your left. The lane looks like this.

Follow the road as it turns left.

When the road forks, take the lane on your right.

Follow this lane as it turns the corner; Komatsu South lies on your left.

If taking a cab to Komatsu South without luggage

Ask the taxi driver to take you to Higashi Oji Dori-Yasaka Dori (Hee-ga-shee Oh-jee Doh-lee Ya-sa-ka Doh-lee) [東大路通と八坂通りの交差点お願いします].

This junction – fairly well-known among cab drivers – is located about 3 minutes away by foot from Komatsu South.

The Higashi Oji Dori-Yasaka Dori junction as seen when approaching it from the north, looking towards the direction of Kyoto Station. To reach Komatsu South from here, head in the direction of the orange car and the bus shown in the photo.

Look out for this building – the Higashiyama branch of the Bank of Kyoto ( 京都銀行) – and enter the lane beside it (shown above).

Another view of the Higashi Oji Dori-Yasaka Dori junction, this time from the opposite direction. This is how the junction looks when coming from the south, away from Kyoto Station. To get to Komatsu South, double back and turn into the first lane on your right.

Follow the lane and turn left with it…

…and then right.

Komatsu South lies just beyond the corner.

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